Welcome to Deep Lettuce the stuff Snails like.
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Grand Total 0
Coinbase prices refreshed whenever
Bull Bear
BTC is the new Gold (0.42 correlation)
Will only ever be 21 million
Decentralized and nearly frictionless
ETF demand continues
Banks love XRP
Developers love ETH
It's fairy dust
Biden's not a fan
BTC/ETH threaten the banks
A momentum pump 'n' dump
On the road The pushers
The Slow Roadmap.
Build the lettuce app. Give the lettuce app away for tokens. Make Deeples. Use the resources to make it a viable product for the masses. Make tokens not slug pellets. Use tokens to use Deep Lettuce, a wealth manager for all.
Built by AI. Claude, You and OpenAI mostly with the help of people in the field. 2024. Launching after lunch.